Çınar Hukuk started to provide services in many areas of law, with the transition of our founder, who left the Supreme Court of Appeals Judgeship, to the profession of attorneyship in 1999.

Serving Turkey’s leading companies and reputable individuals, Çınar Hukuk has a structure that takes care of its clients closely, and maintains the legal disputes it undertakes with the same care as on the first day, together with the highly efficient working system it has carefully created.This is why we have years of working system with our individual clients and/or companies . 

We are working in the fields of Port Law, Maritime Trade Law, Administrative Law, Privatization Practices, Project Finance, Real Estate and Rental Law, especially Criminal Law and Commercial Law. Çınar Hukuk provides solution-oriented services to its clients with its colleagues and business partnerships in many provinces of Turkey, especially in Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Antalya and Muğla and State of California, Utah, New York City and New Hampshire in the United States, London in the UK, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg in Germany and also Dubai and Qatar.

Çınar Hukuk Family, which has been working in many areas of law for 24 years, will be happy to share its experience and knowledge with you and work together with its expert lawyer staff in legal disputes that may occur.